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First Lieutenant Robert Kowalewski -an estate of documents of the Knight’s Cross winner and commodore of the First Bomber Wing with jet aircrafts

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Preliminary possession document for the Knight’s Cross dated 24 November 1940 with signature of Kastner in indelible pencil. Comes with an informal confirmation dated 28 November 1940. Documents for the Iron Cross 1 dated 18 May 1940 with ink signature of Colonel General Hans-Jürgen Stumpff and for the Iron Cross 2 dated 20 February 1940 with ink signature of General Hans Geisler. Document for the Pilot and Aircraft Observer Badge ("double award") dated 14 December 1936 with ink signature of Colonel General Hans-Jürgen Stumpff, for the Crete Cuff Band dated 1 June 1943 and for the Squadron Clasp for Bomber Pilots in Gold dated 10 June 1941, on the reverse informal confirmation by the commander of the 8th Fighter Division, Colonel Gotthard Handrick, dated 4 July 1944 concerning the right to wear the pendant "200". Possession document for the Narvik Shield dated 3 January 1941 with ink signature of Dietl, together with the accompanying letter and a Narvik Shield in Silver on Luftwaffe cloth. Provisional document for the Wound Badge in Black dated 11 September 1940 with ink signature of General Bernhard Kühl. Kowalewski succeeded in sinking an 8000-ton steamship during a night raid at Moray Firth, in which he was severely injured and an engine failed. He managed to reach his home base after a four-hour flight. Document for the Service Badge 4th Class dated 2
October 1936 as lieutenant of the Coastal Reconnaissance Unit 1/106 with ink signature of General Hans Geisler and appointment to lieutenant dated 1 October 1935 with ink signature of Göring. Comes with postwar photographs. Partly folded and punched.
Heinrich Robert Kowalewski (1914 – 1996): 1930 navy cadet, 1931 transfer to Luftwaffe, 1935 lieutenant and pilot, 1939 first lieutenant, among others, with the 1st unit of the KG 40, 1940 captain, among others, at the aviation school (See) in Parow, Knight’s Cross on 24 November 1940, 1942 major, 1943 lieutenant colonel in the Führerreserve RLM/Ob.d.L. From February 1944 onwards wing commander of the Destroyer Wing 76, from August onwards on the staff of the Nightfighter Wing 2 and from November 1944 onwards commodore of the Bomber Wing 76 equipped with Arado 234.

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