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A Spanish Main Gauche to Officer Korps of J88 La Cenia

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Maker Fabrica de Toledo, polished steel blade with partially serrated edge, etched floral pattern, manufacturer’s mark, and royal monogram. Wide knuckle-guard extending from quillons to pommel, features etched royal monogram at center. Tightly woven wire wrapped grip. Scabbard with silver etched fittings covered in brown leather. Silver metal dedication shield attached to quillion by chain, engraved on obverse “Das Offizierkorps der J.88 La Cenia, den 12.9.38”. Reverse engraved with names of members of unit “Grabmann, Appel, Oesau, Dunker, Schellmann, Keller, Müller, Unger, Bertram, Tietzen, Kroeck, Lehrmann, Ensslen, Keidel, Bretnütz, Resch, Heinrich, Lutz, Mölders, Scholz, Lippert, Goy, Fözö, Glaser, Ebbighausen”. Intact washer. Length ca. 49 cm.
Jagdgruppe 88 (J/88) was a German Condor Legion fighter group serving in the Spanish Civil War. J/88 consisted of a headquarter (Stab) and four squadrons (Staffeln), although the 4th Staffel was short-lived. J/88 had been formed on 3 November 1936. The La Cenia airfield was first used by the Spanish Republican Air Force. In 1938 it was captured by the rebels. Franco offered the airfield to Hitler, who sent the Condor Legion, composed of Luftwaffe's airplanes and pilots. They used it during the rest of the Spanish Civil War.

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