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Konteradmiral Karl Jesko von Puttkammer - a Frock Coat

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Dark blue soft wool frock coat tailored by the firm Thöl of Kiel on March 3, 1938, when von Puttkamer was a Korvettenkapitän, rank later upgraded in 1943 with addition of 5.2 cm wide Admiral sleeve rank stripes. Ten gold buttons on two front panels, six buttons on rear vent flaps, all buttons matching. Shoulder board bridles, openings at shoulder seams and screw post buttons for board attachment. Hand-embroidered gold national emblem hand-applied to right breast even with top button (emblem re-applied post-war, Puttkamer had removed it). Loops on upper left breast for ribbon bar, three sets of loops below for award badges. Inside is lined in black rayon. Typed name tag in inside pocket to “Korvettenkapitän von Puttkamer” with date of “3.3.38”. Includes dress brocade belt, edged weapons suspension hangers and black belt.
Karl-Jesko Otto Robert von Puttkamer (24 March 1900 – 4 March 1981) was a German admiral who was naval
adjutant to Adolf Hitler during World War II. He joined the Imperial German Navy as an officer cadet in 1917 and served in WWI on a heavy cruiser and on the battleship Kaiserin. In September 1926, Puttkamer became commander of the torpedo boat Albatros under Karl Dönitz, until October 1930, when he was promoted to lieutenant-commander of the torpedo boat Adler. In 1933 he graduated as a naval liaison officer and served as naval adjutant to the General Staff until July 1935, when he was transferred to the staff of the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy where he served as Hitler's naval adjutant until June 1938, when he was transferred to active service and was the captain of a destroyer. After
the war began, he returned to the role of naval adjutant to Hitler and in September 1943 he was promoted to Konteradmiral. Puttkamer was injured on 20 July 1944 when the bomb exploded during the 20 July plot attempt to kill Hitler and was awarded the 20 July Wound Badge. On 20 April 1945, Hitler told his staff: "The situation during the last few days has changed to such an extent that I am forced to reduce my staff” and Puttkamer, Dr. Theodor Morell, Dr. Hugo Blaschke, Albert Bormann, secretaries Johanna Wolf, Christa Schroeder and several others were ordered by Hitler to leave Berlin by aircraft for the Obersalzberg. Puttkamer was ordered to the Berghof to destroy Hitler's papers and personal belongings and as a result was not with Hitler during his final few days in the Führerbunker. Following the German surrender on 8 May 1945, Puttkamer was held in captivity until May 1947. He died in 1981 in Munich [2], where he was buried at the Waldfriedhof. Includes one original signed photo of von Puttkamer wearing the frock coat.

Provenance: This coat and three other uniforms were obtained directly from von Puttkamer by American collector Bill McLure in 1971 and pdf copies (originals shown in listing) of letters of provenance from von Puttkamer himself will be included with the coat.

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