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An "Enigma I" cipher machine, number "A 01093"

German Historical Collectibles from 1919 onwards | A83r | Live auction | 608 Lots

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Original lacquered lid, the nameplate "A 01093/bac/43 E" of the Ertel Werke in Munich from the second batch, supplied from September to December 1943. The base plate and the plaque on the keys with matching numbers, the number on the reversal rotor engraved in modern times, the same number as the machine. Three original encryption rotors with an aluminium hand wheel, bearing the same number as the machine, the two likewise original encryption rotors with a Bakelite hand wheel only matching each other ("A 02377/E45"), each with a Wehrmacht acceptance stamp and Roman numerals.
The machine has been restored and the bulbs, instruction plates and other small parts replaced, the machine is thus in full working order. Several minor defects and traces of use have been left untouched for the sake of authenticity. The plugboard damaged at the top left. The cabling restored and in working order. The rotors IV and V in a modern wooden case. In an incomplete, original Enigma case. Includes a matching modern battery module.
An exceptionally rare cipher machine. This model was used in army and air force intelligence divisions from around 1937 onwards.

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