Best Of Brochure of Auction 80 - Flip through it now!

In our Best Of Brochure of Auction 80 you will find some of the upcoming highlights of our big November Auction with almost 9,000 lots. Flip through it now!

Highlights from our upcoming LIVE Auction 80, November 2019

261837 Impressive head of Buddha. Java/ Borobudur, 9th century A.D.
257592 A significant ceremonial sabre, presented to Major David Ogilvy by the Brechin Volunteer Infantry Corps, 1808
256796 Bulgarian Civil Merit Order, a Grand Cross jewel in brilliants
261299 A magnificent handle vase with view of the Kronprinzenpalais in Berlin and the palace Babelsberg in Potsdam. KPM Berlin, 1863
256540 A German wheellock puffer for members of the trabant lifeguard of the Prince Electors of Saxony (1st model), dated 1564
255947 A supravest for officers of the Garde du Corps, in the issue of circa 1860
259403 Kneeling statue of an Egyptian king, Late Period - Early Ptolemaic Period, 7th - 3rd century B.C.
258077 A German etched halberd for the trabant guard of Emperor Maximilian II, Augsburg, dated 1571
254992 A Schouboe Mod. 1907, 2nd version
258084 A Greek silver-mounted and gilt kilij, end of the 18th century
258979DWWx9sNfbwshx A Roman folding chair in iron for a commander in the field (sella castrensis), 2nd – 6th century
261010 A Lalique Art Deco vase, Model "Phenthièvre", France, ca. 1928

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