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Effective immediately, to significantly speed up the rendering of accounts after an auction, Hermann Historica will no longer process the shipping of large, fragile, oversized, heavy or similarly complex objects. The packaging and transportation of complex objects is best lef t to specialised service providers with the necessary expertise and experience to handle shipping, along with suff icient staff and proper packaging materials. This does not apply to firearms, which will continue to be sent via us in the future. Therefore, starting from this auction, you will receive your invoice directly after the sale has closed. If your invoice includes shipping costs, Hermann Historica will be handling transportation. If no shipping costs are specif ied, you are kindly requested to make your own arrangements. We can recommend a number of reputable companies with whom we have dealt in the past and that have organised the packing, transport and the export process on behalf of our customers. We are happy to obtain quotes from these partners for you on request. Naturally, you may entrust your objects to another forwarding agent if you prefer, provided the carrier also offers packaging services. In any case, we will issue the necessary export permits for cultural artefacts and firearms. Our recommended partners are listed below. Detailed infor- mat ion and direct links can be found on our website under ”Service“. If you have any further questions, please send an email with the subject „Shipping“ to : contact@hermann-historica.com. Kind regards, The Hermann Historica Team Please always write ”Shipping on behalf of Hermann Historica“ in the subject line when contacting our partners. MBE Bergkirchen: https://antique-muc.de/en/ M2Logistik, Markt Schwaben: niels.domke@m2logistik.de Hasenkamp Munich: fineart@hasenkamp.de News from the shipping department