Covid-19: Important information for our customers

Dear Friends of Hermann Historica,

in spite of Corona (or maybe because of) our gun auction on March 30 was a great success. I can’t thank you enough for having kept a cool head, and for having enthusiastically bid online and over the phone, all the difficulties with the auction preview and the travel restrictions notwithstanding. You were a great audience, we very much appreciate that!

Well, so  - what’s next?

1. Collecting or shipping of your purchases:

a) Collecting: difficult for foreigners. Only if you are in possession of a German gun permit, you will have the option of collecting your purchases against payment in cash or upfront wire transfer as of now. Pick-up is by appointment only! Remember to bring your gun permits.

b) Shipping: for foreign clients we will ship after having received your payment, your import permit and our export permit. In a previous version of this text I had written “ship as usual”. Well, that’s getting tougher by the day, as not only countries impose restrictions on imports (such as Italy), but carriers change the rules as well, such as the German Postal Service, UPS and others. And they not only change their rules, they also change their rates (yes, going up...). Depending on how these rates develop between sending an invoice and receiving all the permits we might have to charge extra, if the additional cost gets excessive.

However, given the circumstances we are well aware that getting the permits and having the guns shipped might take quite a while. We will hold your purchases in our warehouse without charging any fees for up to six months, should Corona restrictions last that long!


2. Online-only Firearm auction on April 18:

On Saturday, April 18, we will conduct our next online-only auction for modern firearms of the 19th and 20th century. The catalogue will go only in the first week of April. The modalities will almost be identical to those of the March auction:

- Preview with limitations and by appointment only (unless the authorities declare otherwise). To avoid trouble send requests for additional pictures, explaining what you would like to see.

- Place your bids in writing (mailing or faxing our bid form or through our website) or online during the auction. Phone bidding will not be possible.


3. Classic Auction from May 25 to 29, and Online-Only Auction from June 22 to 26:

For the time being we simply pretend to be able of conducting a regular auction. The catalogue for the May auction is being printed shortly and will be mailed to you as usual the latest 4 weeks ahead of the auction.

Problem is – will we really be able to conduct business as usual? Well, I very much hope so, but ...... my crystal ball is getting a bit foggy when it comes to that question. Should Germany extend the current emergency statute beyond April 19, should tensions keep escalating rather than easing, well, then there is a good chance that we will postpone this auction (actually: these auctions, May and June) until after the summer break.

But this decision we will take by the end of April only. Please stop by this website frequently, we will keep it updated to keep you up to date.

What else can I say? Stay well, stay healthy, and I keep my fingers crossed that you can get out of this crisis (relatively) unharmed.

All the best,
Bernhard Pacher
Managing Director