Covid-19: Important information for our customers

Updated on May 13, 2020

Dear Friends of Hermann Historica,

finally we have received a green light – you may come to check out the items, you may participate in our auction, you may come and pickup the items you bought! Albeit with limitations, which we are obliged to strictly adhere to, so we kindly ask you to read on to know what’s going to happen:

With immediate effect any visit to our premises is subject to the following rules:

1)      Visit upon appointment only (!!)

2)      All visitors must wear a mask

3)      Upon entering our premises the first thing to do is wash and disinfect your hands at our facilities

4)      Maintain a safety distance of 1.5m to other people

5)      For any 20m² of floor space only 1 person must enter

6)      No display copies of catalogues this time, as these cannot be disinfected. Please bring your own catalogues! Therefore we offer catalogues on site at largely reduced rates.


And what exactly are the consequences of that?

1)      Viewing guns: no more than 2 visitors at any time in the gun room

2)      Viewing German Contemporary History: no more than 2 visitors at any time in the respective show room

3)      Viewing swords/pole arms, license-free rifles and handguns: no more than 1 person per category at any time in the respective show area

4)      Viewing Militaria, Arms & Armour, Art & Antiquities, Antiques: no more than 2 visitors at any time per category

5)      Viewing of items not on display: no more than 1 person waiting at the respective desk

6)      Auction: no more than 16 visitors may participate in the auction. Chairs will be put up with proper spacing of 1.5 meters.

7)      Picking up purchases: please make an appointment no later than 24 hours before the intended pickup!

It wont be easy, that’s for sure, but we’ll manage! With a bit of planning and your cooperation you’ll be able to gain access to the objects of your desire. Please register for a visit a.s.a.p.! Depending on the crowds that will want to flood our premises we reserve the right to shorten the time of your visit to also accomodate others.

Visitors without appointment: please don’t be angry with us if we don’t let you in! Once „our boat is full” we will need to send you into orbit to circle a bit until someone leaves and makes space for others. Else we just can’t let you in, we are sorry about that!

As we elaborate further details, we will give you a hand-out on the day of the auction or the viewing.

We are looking forward to your visit!
Bernhard Pacher

Managing Director