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Adolf Hitler - "Halbblut" from his library

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Volume 38 of Karl May's collected works. Published in Radebeul in 1916 by Karl-May-Verlag (78-85 thousand sold copies), 603 pages, the front page with Hitler's hand-written signature in ink, presumably dating from around 1920/1925. The inside front cover with the vignette of the Klagenfurt bookshop Otto Worsch, the spine bumped at top and slightly torn. Hitler was a big fan of Karl May's works and had read all 60 volumes, he said he owed his (tr.) "love for geography and reading geographical maps" to May and he "recapitulated Karl May" when his father beat him with a stick for bad school marks (cf. Henry Picker, Hitlers Tischgespräche, p. 121, 125). As Reichskanzler he recommended May's books to his generals, whom he accused of a lack of imagination" (cf. Ian Kershaw, Hitler 1889 - 1939, S. 46). "Halbblut" is based on May's story "Der schwarze Mustang", which was serialised in the magazine "Der Gute Kamerad" in 1895/96. It was published posthumously under a new title in 1916 by Karl-May-Verlag.

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