Lot 6069

A Provincial-Roman marble sculpture of a lion, 2nd - 3rd century A.D.

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The standing lion mounted on a rectangular base plate (measuring 45.5 x 16 x 5 cm), its left front paw and hind leg placed slightly forwards to give the impression of a big cat pausing in its stride to survey its surroundings. Its open maw reveals the tongue and teeth, all wrought in detail. Its ears laid back and the forelocks of its mane flowing backwards. The strands of its mane clearly sculptured as they fall onto the neck and breast. The anatomical details and characteristics of the slightly thickset body expertly and vividly depicted, along with the paws, complete with toes and claws. The genitals visible between its hind legs. The free-standing tail curving into an S shape, the tuft at the end connected to the base plate by means of a low crosspiece. Height 38 cm. Fractures in the centre and on the tail have been expertly reassembled, no pieces are missing. Completely preserved Provincial Roman sculpture of a lion, the surface in outstanding condition. Portrayed with exquisite stylisation.

Provenance: South German private collection.

Condition: I - II Questions about the lot?

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