Lot 6035

A Greek gold necklace with three cabochons, mid-4th century B.C.

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The foxtail chain with three cabochons set in gold. The large central cabochon (measuring 2.2 x 1.9 mm) is convex, intricately hollowed out on the inside and mounted in a setting, approx. 5 mm high, with globule triangles along the edge. The two external cabochons connected to the central medallion by a hinge. These mounted in settings approx. 4 mm high with a border of globules around the edge. A tube embellished with beaded wire on each outer edge, to which the foxtail chain is soldered. A cylinder with loops on each end, originally fastened by means of an S-shaped hook, which has been lost. The necklace with antique repairs. Length of the opened chain 37.5 cm. Weight 31.91 g.

Provenance: Rhenish private collection, acquired in the Cologne art trade during the 1980s.

Condition: II - III Questions about the lot?

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