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A rare Russian medal bar with Order of St. George, cross 4th class for 25 years of service, Order of St. Anna, cross 3rd class with Swords, Order of Virtuti Militari, cross 4th class, mid-19th century

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Order of St. George, Cross 4th Class for 25 years of service in gold, partially enamelled. The loop stamped with the mark of fineness for "56" zolotniki", barely legible St. Petersburg date mark 1860 (?) and illegible manufacturer's mark. Dimensions 36 x 36 mm. The enamel chipped in places. Order of St. Anna, Cross 3rd Class with Swords in gold, enamelled in black, the loop with a mark of fineness (difficult to identify). Width 38 mm. The enamel slightly chipped in places. Order of Virtuti Militari, Cross 4th Class in gold, partially enamelled. The front medallion with a silver Polish eagle, minor chipping in the enamel. Dimensions 30 x 30 mm. Silver medal for participation in the Russo-Turkish war of 1828-29, bronze medal for combatants in the Crimean War of 1853-56. Original ribbons, with a pin system on the back. The name of the bearer will be disclosed to the buyer on request.Condition: II Questions about the lot?

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