Lot 6750

An SA honour dagger model 1933 with deluxe scabbard

German Historical Collectibles from 1919 onwards | A82r | Live auction | 777 Lots


The object at hand is one of the very few original items, manufactured by the company Eickhorn, Solingen. Brown wooden grip with perfectly inlaid, enamelled SA rune and national eagle. The quillons decorated with three-dimensional oak leaves on both sides. Both the quillons and the scabbard fittings are made of silver. The blade of genuine Damascus steel, on the obverse motto (tr.) "All for Germany" raised and gilt, both ends with oak leaf décor. On the reverse the oval company logo "Carl Eickhorn Solingen". The tang stamped "DAMAST 172". The scabbard fittings in deluxe version with the special oak leaf décor instead of the usual surrounding decorative grooves, dark brown leather cover.The dagger is worn and shows characteristic slight traces of age, in beautiful condition.Extremely rare; we know of less than five further daggers of this type worldwide. Condition: II + Questions about the lot?

General Information

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