Lot 6391

Kapitän zur See Max-Eckart Wolff – a presentation dirk commemorating the award of the Knight's Cross following the Battle of Narvik

German Historical Collectibles from 1919 onwards | A82r | Live auction | 777 Lots


The forged Damascus blade with gilt, blued cartouches on both sides, inscribed on the front in facsimile handwriting "Max-Eckart Wolff - 1.4.1921" and the manufacturer's logo "Alcoso A C S Solingen", the back with "Narvik 10. u.13.4.1940."Gilt eagle pommel and quillons, the ivory grip with wire winding, original bound silver sword knot. The gilt scabbard with hand-engraved oak leaf decoration, the carrying straps with rope décor. Unlike the deluxe daggers of the imperial navy, military navy dirks are extremely unusual and, with a Damascus blade for a celebrated bearer of the Knight's Cross, a genuine rarity. Max-Eckart Wolff (1902 - 1988), in the Cadet Corps in Bensberg as of 1913, Matrosengefreiter in 1922, Fähnrich zur See in 1923, Leutnant zur See in 1925, Korvettenkapitän in 1937 and commander of the destroyer Z 2 "Georg Thiele" in 1938. The "Georg Thiele" was scuttled on 13 April 1940 near Narvik. In the following weeks, Wolff served as a battalion commander in the Marine Regiment Berger during the land battle. He was thus awarded the Knight's Cross on 4 August 1940.Commander in 1941, Kapitän zur See in 1943, Commodore in the Bundesmarine in 1957. He retired in 1963.Attention - shipping to non-EU countries subject to CITES. Condition: II + Questions about the lot?

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