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A Jay – designed by Adolf Röhring, circa 1941/42, model number "128"

German Historical Collectibles from 1919 onwards | A82r | Live auction | 777 Lots

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White, glazed porcelain. The large figure of the bird delicately crafted on detailed branches with oak leaves and acorns. The mark "SS", the signature "Röhring" and "128" stamped underneath. The upper and lower beak with an old restoration, otherwise in perfect condition, no knocks. Height 30 cm, length 33 cm.Adolf Röhring's Jay was first displayed in a special showcase in room 29 at the Great German Art Exhibition in 1942, along with the Magpie, also created by him, as well as the Zieten Husar and the Malachowski Husar by Prof. Theodor Kärner. Apart from these bird sculptures, Röhring also created the Blackbird for the PMA, various mouse figures and the Golden Eagle, which was shown at the 1944 Great German Art Exhibition.Of the utmost rarity. To the best of our knowledge, another jay has only once been offered for sale, see Hermann Historica's 16th auction on 11 April 1987, lot 4868. Condition: I - II Questions about the lot?

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