Lot 3141

A French close helmet, circa 1580

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The skull forged in two pieces, its tall, roped comb etched with decorative tendrils. A brass plume socket riveted at the nape. The two-part, pivoted visor tapering to a point, the separate eye holes with etched geometric borders and nine breathing holes on both sides. Pivoted bevor, the face opening with finely turned and roped flanges, framed by ornamental bands composed of etched and gilt tendrils. A brass hook closure on the right side. Riveted neck and nape lames, each hammered in the form of two parts, embellished with roped and turned flanges as well as ornamental bands with remnants of gilt tendrils. Continuous lining rivets. All surfaces cleaned, patinated and pitted in places, several rivets replaced, areas of delamination. The turned flanges worn through by cleaning on the front. Height 35 cm. Elegant helmet with exquisite details.

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