Lot 1096

A deluxe cased pair of French percussion pistols, circa 1850

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Somewhat rough, rifled barrels in 11.5 mm calibre. Octagonal at the breeches and the muzzles, with narrow fullers cut between, each delicately chased with tendrils. The patent breechblocks and tangs engraved en suite and with gold-inlaid numbers, inscribed "Thomas Rue de Rivoli 6 a Paris" on the tops of the barrels. The percussion locks likewise with exquisite decorative tendrils. The finely carved ebony stocks with fluted grips and en suite engraved iron furniture. The stocks each with a small tension crack at the lock plate and the counter plate. Length of each 42 cm. In an unassociated presentation case (a long crack on the lid), containing a full range of tools, such as a powder flask, various tools with ebony handles, ebony boxes for bullets and patches etc. Dimension of the case 49 x 27 x 8.5 cm. A formidable, distinguished and beautifully wrought pair of pistols.

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