Lot 1087

A pair of flintlock pistols, Thaddäus Poltz, Karlovy Vary, circa 1780

Fine Antique and Modern Firearms | A94s | Live auction | 119 Lots


Two-stage, smooth barrels, octagonal at the breeches, turning to round after girdles, in 14 mm calibre. Brass front sights on the tops and fixed rear sights on the numbered tangs, remnants of gilt, floral engravings at the breeches. Engraved flintlocks, each signed on the lock plates, set triggers. Slightly carved full stocks with horn nosepieces, the brass furniture richly decorated in relief with depictions of cavalry skirmishes. Wooden ramrods with horn tips. Length of each 38.5 cm. Thaddäus Poltz learned his trade in Vienna between 1763 and 1768 and is documented in Karlovy Vary between 1763 and 1788.

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