Lot 1074

A distinguished flintlock pistol with a brass barrel, Joseph Kullnig of Ferlach, circa 1710

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The round brass barrel originally gilt with an offset midrib, smooth bore in 15 mm calibre. The top of the barrel lavishly engraved and chiselled with floral décor, remnants of fire gilding in the hollows. Signed "Joseph Kullnig" at the root of the barrel rib. The flintlock with engraved and chiselled brass lock plate, remnants of gilding. The iron cock and frizzen cover engraved with floral ornaments. The finely openworked lock side plate cracked, embellished with figures and grotesque masks amidst leafy vines. The full stock in walnut with a dark horn nose, the forearm partially restored. The owner's mark "DT" struck several times. The furniture ornately wrought in gilt brass with finely chiselled and engraved floral decoration. Replaced wooden ramrod with horn tip. Length 53.5 cm. Joseph Kullnig was probably a member of the famous gunsmith family, Kullnig (Kulnik, Kulnic) of Ferlach.

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