Lot 1048

An Italian silver-mounted deluxe miquelet rifle, circa 1710/20

Fine Antique and Modern Firearms | A94s | Live auction | 119 Lots


Two-stage smooth-bore barrel, octagonal then round, in 15 mm calibre. Surface-mounted silver front sight, the silver rear sight in the shape of a recumbent figure. The octagonal section of the barrel decorated at both ends with delicately engraved figurative cartouches amidst acanthus leaves. The miquelet lock intricately engraved with hunting scenes amidst decorative tendrils. The silver openwork lock side plate with a finely engraved depiction of the transformation of Actaeon. Sling swivel made of brass. Half stock made of walnut, an old restoration on the right of the butt. Ornate openwork mounting with finely engraved, antique-style scenes amidst tendrils. A depiction of Actaeon's death at the hands of hunters and hounds on the silver trigger guard. Silver barrel band with openwork decorative tendrils. Original wooden ramrod with worm and engraved iron tip. Length 151 cm.

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