Lot 1036

A Bohemian tschinke wheellock rifle, probably Teschen, circa 1650

Fine Antique and Modern Firearms | A94s | Live auction | 119 Lots


The slender, octagonal barrel slightly constricted in the middle with eight-groove rifled bore in 11 mm calibre. Dovetailed brass and iron sights. The lock with external main spring and safety button. Hammer and lock plate engraved with decorative tendrils, appliquéd brass plaques with engraved ornamentation. The full shaft made of walnut with lavish inlays of engraved and blackened bone and mother-of-pearl. The cheek piece with the depiction of an eagle taking down a hare, two reclining stags on the other side of the butt. Minor, well-executed replacements to the left of the tang and on the upper end of the butt. The sliding lid of the patch box with a spring-loaded locking lever. The butt cap made of light horn. Iron harp finger rests. Inset wooden ramrod with horn tip. A small chip on the front barrel lug, the peg has been lost. Length 122 cm.

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