Lot 81

An 18-piece hoard find of silver jewelry, Viking Age, 10th - 11th century

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Spectacular ensemble of Viking Age silver jewelry. Among them five large neck rings with overlapping ends. 1) One piece with angled, spherical ends, these decorated with filigree and granules, in the middle a glass inlay in setting. The back end round-barred and smooth, the front flat hexagonal faceted in cross-section and decorated with circular punches on the top. Diameter about 22 cm. 2) Two similar pieces with round-barred rear end and twisted front end, the ends bent back and decorated with faceted square knobs. One piece with circular punctures at the end of the twisting. Diameter of each about 24 cm. 3) Two other similar pieces, but with a loop at one end and a faceted square button at the other. Diameter approximately 19 cm and 22 cm. 4) A pair of square bangles with overlapping ends, almost fully decorated with circular punches, the ends hammered out into round-barred points. Diameter of each approximately 11.5 cm. 5) Two eight faceted bangles, every other band decorated with circular punctures, the one in between smooth. The almost touching ends hammered out to slightly conical round bars. 6) Two heavy round-bar bangles with smooth surface, tapering slightly to the almost touching ends. 7) Two large pairs of jewelry loops with a lower part hammered flat with five serpentine coils decorated with circular punches on the outer arches, the center lines left blank. The lower end terminating in a spiral, the upper part round-barred and bent high up and back, the end tapering and abutting the spiral. Height of each approx. 10.5 cm. 8) Two similar, smaller jewelry pieces, without circular punches and without spiral at the lower end. Height approx. 7 cm each. In total about 2.8 kg of silver. Typical silver hoard of the Viking Age. Comes with an old pen-inscribed note describing the items in Russian. Probably eastern Viking treasure find, which testifies to the intensive migrations and trade expeditions along the rivers of the Baltic and Russia.

Provenance: Eastern German private collection.

Condition: I - II Questions about the lot?

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