Lot 62

A late Roman/early Byzantine bronze horse muzzle, 5th - 7th century A.D.

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Muzzle with a wide central band that bends around the horse's nose at the front to under the mouth. On the upper side, two projections bent at right angles, which bend into S-shaped side pieces which join to the lower end of the muzzle. At the upper end of the muzzle, at forehead level, a hole and at each of the side extensions an eyelet to attach the muzzle to the bridle. On the top, in the centre, a cross in a double circle made of small circular punches. In the angles of the cross, star-shaped punches. Above it, in a smaller oval, another cross of circular punches, below it a cross punch. Dark green patina, surface with slight traces of corrosion. Length of the curved central band 45 cm. Length of the object ca. 28 cm. Width 15 cm.

Provenance: Belgian private collection.

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