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A Roman marble statue of Hermanubis with features of Alexander the Great, 1st - 2nd century

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The syncretic mixed deity Hermanubis, a combination of Hermes and Anubis, with features of Alexander the Great, clothed in a himation. Preserved from knee height. The himation curved around the hips with diagonal drapery and laid over the left shoulder, from the shoulder and the bent right forearm it falls vertically downwards in a fine fold. The posture of the body determined by the contrapposto, the knee of the right leg bent slightly backwards as a playing leg. In the left, open hand there was originally a palm branch leading to the shoulder, in the right a kerykeion, the respective attributes of Hermes and Anubis. The youthful-looking face with curly hair shows features of Alexander the Great. The back is only partially carved with flat areas. High quality marble sculpture from the time of the Roman occupation of Egypt. The function of the deities Anubis and Hermes as companions of the dead on their way to the underworld led to the development of this mixed deity in Hellenism. From this time onwards, the deities were sometimes given the features of Alexander the Great. Especially in Roman times, representations of Hermanubis in various formats and materials enjoyed great popularity. A prominent example made of marble can be found in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria. The left side of the head is a modern restoration. Apart from small bumps, very well preserved, with a beautiful smooth surface. Height without stone base 84 cm.

Provenance: From an American art dealer. In 2021, bought at an American auction house, acquired by the previous owner in 2004 in an American gallery.

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