Lot 14

Two decorated square votive plaques with donkey heads, Urartu, 9th - 8th century B.C.

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Two similar rectangular votive plaques with donkey heads in the centre of the lower half. The surfaces to the left and right of the heads, worked out plastically in relief, are pierced, which makes them stand out to a special degree. This effect is intensified by the donkeys' ears, which are stylised in an extreme geometric lancet shape. The piercings are bordered by two parallel ribs with oblique striations, as is the edge of the entire plaques. Rosettes to the left and right of the donkey heads. On the smaller plaque these are smaller and surrounded by eight bosses. Above the donkey heads between the ears, diamond-shaped incised decoration with interlocking swastika motifs. The upper half of the plaques filled with rosettes and bosses. On the back formerly clasps for fastening to a base, one of which is preserved only on the smaller plaque. Pewter bronze with green and blue oxide overlays. Dimensions of the larger plaque ca. 17 x 17 cm. Dimensions of the smaller plaque approx. 15.5 x 15 cm.

Provenance: Eastern German private collection.

Condition: II - Questions about the lot?

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