Lot 4041

A model 1817 cavalry pistol

The Frey Collection – Firearms from Württemberg | A82f | Live auction | 194 Lots

Hammer price € 7,400

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Smooth-bore barrel in 17.5 mm calibre, inscribed "Oberndorf" at top, inscribed "Ulrich" and number "3309" on the left over the chamber, rear sight on the tang. Flintlock with brass pan, hammer with oval piercing and typical Wurttemberg "Stolpe", on the lockplate maker’s name "KOENG:WÜRT:FABRIK". Full stock with stamped iron furniture, all bolts stamped "24". Length 41 cm.Exceptionally rare German service pistol in fine, slightly reworked condition. The model 1817 pistol was only produced in the Oberndorf gun factory. The flintlock version is one of the rarest cavalry pistols of that age and replaced the French and Austrian flintlock pistols used by the Wurttemberg cavalry until then. In 1832 a decree was issued which ordered the distribution of the M 1817 pistol to the units, troopers and cavalrymen were given only one service pistol, while the military police and life guards received two service pistols. The soldiers on horseback who did not bear a carbine received a separate ramrod for the M 1817 service pistol.Condition: II - Questions about the lot?

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