Lot 2011

Two South German wheellock puffers of very similar manufacture, late 16th century

The J. Durval Collection of Antique Firearms | A82d | Live auction | 167 Lots

Post-auction sale

Post-auction sale


Both smooth, blued barrels octagonal, turning to round, in 12 mm calibre, with conical, slightly reinforced muzzles. The Augsburg pyr mark and master's mark "AZ" above the imperial orb (Stöckel no. 1840) struck in each of the breeches. The blued lock plates polished at the edges with Nuremberg acceptance marks and manufacturer's marks "IV" (Stöckel no. 3640) and "CF" (Stöckel no. 2168) above a swan and bird respectively. Openwork wheel covers with chiselled cocks, pan covers and safety levers. The ebonised wooden stocks lavishly inlaid with engraved and blackened bone, two monstrous beings inlaid on the sides opposite the locks. Flattened ball knobs, in six segments and inlaid in bone. Iron trigger guard, the original wooden ramrods with iron tips. In excellent condition, the barrels re-blued. Length of each 49 cm.
Provenance: Christie's London, 16.12.1999, Los 345

Condition: II

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