Lot 1413

A significant South German hunting trousse in a leather case, dated 1571

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An elaborate trousse with the original leather case. One large and one small knife, the single-edged blades each with hooked, curved points and striking blades on the back. Blade-marks inlaid in copper on one side, finely etched and engraved embellishment with well-preserved fire gilding on both sides. Both knife blades dated "1571" on the back. A bone saw, the blade decorated with delicately engraved arabesques. A table knife with a double-edged point, a file with a short blade and drill tip, a sharpening steel with stitching bodkin. All pieces of cutlery matching, riveted grip scales of engraved bone and fluted brass knobs. Length 23 to 34.5 cm.
Original, dark leather transportation case, with delicately embossed arabesques and scrolling bands. The hooded lid with eyelets for a carrying cord at the sides. The leather slightly shrunken, the inside with slots for eight pieces of cutlery.
A very similar set, described as of English manufacture, forms part of the collection at the Science Museum in London.

Condition: II -

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