Lot 1028

An Ottoman khanjar over-and-under flintlock pistol, 19th century

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Post-auction sale

Post-auction sale


Over-and-under, smooth-bore barrels, octagonal at the breech, turning to round, with silver-plated cannon muzzles in 12.5 mm calibre, each stamped with several marks at the breeches. Lavish gold inlays in the form of tropaia at the muzzles, in the middle and at the breeches, pseudo signatures at the breeches, the tang with floral inlays. The flintlock with a sliding pan on rollers to fire the lower barrel, en suite embellished with gold inlays and another pseudo signature. The dark wooden stock lavishly embellished with silver wire inlays and engraved silver furniture. The silver grip in the shape of a khanjar hilt: the pommel section can be retracted to reveal a double-edged blade, decorated with gold inlays on the lower third. Length 49 cm.
Of exceptionally high-quality, a particularly fetching example of Ottoman craftsmanship.

Condition: II

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