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King Luis I of Portugal (1838 - 1889) - 20 pieces of cutlery from the royal silverware, circa 1860 - 1870

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Silver, steel blades. Ten dining forks and ten knives, the handles and stems decorated en suite with double ribbed trims and raised "L" mirror monogram surmounted by the royal Portuguese crown. The (partially slightly spotted) knife blades stamped with the maker's mark "Veyrat A Paris" (partially overpolished) and on the blades illegible monogram mark. The blades with the jeweller's mark "Veyrat" within a lozenge and French export mark from 1840-78 in the form of a head. Length of knives 27 cm, overall weight 1,213 g. Length of forks 20.5 cm, weight 889 g. Luis I of the House of Saxony-Coburg-Gotha, second son of Queen Marie II and Ferdinand II, ascended the throne in 1861 after the early death of his brother King Peter V, his son Carlos from the marriage with Princess Maria Pia of Savoy, daughter of King Vittorio Emanuele II of Italy, succeeds him after his death in 1889 as Dom Carlos I.

Provenance: "Property from the Collection of King Manuel II of Portugal", Sotheby's Geneva, 16 May 1991, lot 442.

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