Lot 524

A Walther SLd flare gun

Firearms of the 19th and 20th century | A81s | Live auction | 584 Lots


Cal. 4, Nr. 1615, Matching numbers, length of barrels 230 mm, left barrel partially spotty at centre. Overall length 340 mm. Proof mark Zella-Mehlis. 1940 production. Loading indicator. Selector switch marked "l" and "r" for one round and "double/round" for both barrels. On the left side of the frame the Walther company name, underneath "1940 - Walther - 1615" and navy mark Eagle/M/HK/III/3". Inventory mark "N / 719" (Northern Sea Fleet, weapon 719) on the gripstrap. Fully assembled in Nirosta. Left barrel pitted at rear. Sporadic signs of storage and use. Forend and grip panels of walnut wood.
Attention - For this gun we will need to obtain an export license for you, based on your import permit (if needed in your country) or through your firearms dealer.

Condition: I -

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