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A System Müller pistol, Winterthur, prototype/trial, 1902

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Cal. 7,65 mm Luger, Nr. ohne, Bright bore, four-groove barrel with looped front sight, length 140 mm. Magazine for eight rounds. 1902 patent. Locked with upward block in the breechblock. Angled lever for the locking block on the right. Hammer cocking head at the back oft he grip. In the white. Walnut grip panels with checquering. Box magazine with seven windows. A significant difference to the later S/N 3 is the single action. The present weapon is the first prototype given as a present from B. Müller Jr. to Louis Poyet, who had been B. Müller Sr.‘s apprentice. The Müller pistol was developed as competition to the parabellum and in use as an ordnance pistol in other countries, which is why it was not accepted in patriotic circles. The pistol did not prevail, as it was technically too complicated. The S/N 3 is depicted and described in Reinhart/Meier, Pistolen und Revolver der Schweiz seit 1720, p. 164 - 165. Enclosed: A copy of the patent document from 09/1902, copy of the operator’s manual. Business card of Müller Jr. with CV and newspaper clipping of his murder in 1974.
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