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Prince Otto von Bismarck - a present from the "Vereinigte Deutsche Telegraphen Gesellschaft" (United German Telegraph Society), dated 1882

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Fine purple velvet field with seven cross-sections of cables in cylindrical nickel-silver mounts, three mounts with mark "Telegraph Construction & Maintenance Comp. Limited" in relief. Underneath the cross sections the engraved nickel-silver plaques (all tr.) "Submarine shore end of the Greetsiel Valentia cable", "North Sea cable E", "North Sea cable B", "Canal cable B", "Submarine cable Ireland – America shore end", Submarine cable Borkum", "Submarine cable Emden - Greetsiel" and "Deep-sea cable Ireland - America". Below these the large engraved plaque (tr.) "German – American cable connection" with list of the individual stations and "Contractors Telegraph Construction & Maintenance Company London". In a profiled box of ebonised wood (worm-eaten) on four feet with glazed hinged lid. On the bottom inscription "RK" (Reichskanzler) and the GDR label (tr.) "Feudal Museum Wernigerode Castle / National Museum" as well as inventory number "S XIV Schö 28". Slightly damaged in places, traces of age. Dimensions 42 x 31.5 x 12 cm.
For telegram traffic between Germany and America a cable to Lowestoft (English east coast) installed by the "Vereinigte Deutsche Telegraphen Gesellschaft" in 1871 was used until 1882. Via London, this cable was connected to Valentia, the starting point of the cable of the "Anglo America Tel. Co.". Soon this cable was no longer able to cope with increasing traffic. Under an agreement between the German Empire and the "Vereinigte Deutsche Telegraphen Gesellschaft" the company ran a cable (Emden) to Greetsiel-Valentia in 1882. The Imperial Telegraphic Administration committed itself to send all telegrams to North America via the company's new cable – one of the first telecommunication monopolies in the world.

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