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A distinguished silver tankard, a Russian present commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 67th Tarutinsky Infantry Regiment of the Grand Duke of Oldenburg, dated 1896

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Silver in the shape of a wooden barrel, finely engraved, gilt interior. The front engraved with a dedication and date (tr.) "Presented to the Royal Prussian Oldenburg Infantry Regiment no. 91 by its comrades-in-arms of the Imperial Russian Infantry Regiment No. 67 Tarutino – Grand Duke of Oldenburg". Enamelled regimental insignia appliquéd in the centre, along with the dates "1796-1896" (extremely small chip in the enamel of the shoulder board). The lid with appliquéd symbol of the Tarutinsky Infantry Regiment with engraved inscription (tr.) "For Sevastopol 1854 and 1855" and the date "29/XI/1796-1896". Height 24.5 cm, weight approx. 1580 g. Slightly knocked. Outstanding quality, extremely rare find.

Condition: II

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