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A Villar Perosa Mod. 1915 submachine gune, with shield

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Cal. 9x19mm Glisenti, SN. D1617, numbers not matching. The left barrel tube with a number and acceptance mark, the right one unnumbered. Barrel length 315 mm each, frosted bores. Both barrels and barrel tubes with some pitting, more so on the right-hand side. Remainders of the original blue finish. The breech blocks unnumbered, the right one with some corrosion on the forward end of the ejection port. Gun design by A. Revelli, delayed blowback action. The breech block slides back 50 mm, rotates 5°, and ejects the cartridges downwards. A bronze receiver containing the trigger unit seals the breeches of the gun. It is marked with the company name "Officine / Villar Perosa" in an oval, below which the SN "1843". Selector switch marked "S" and "F". With the two thumb triggers the two barrels can be fired independently from each other. The two black barrel tubes undamaged. Two 25-shot magazines. With the extremely rare complete shield unit, which also serves as a kind of tripod. Original grey paint 60%. The gun rests in the shield in a spheric attachment, which not only allows quick assembly and disassembly, but also allows the gunner to swivel the gun vertically and horizontally. The shield is built of a solid steel plate, 8 mm thick, 70 cm wide and 55 cm high, and weighs by itself 27,5 kg. It has two foldable supports. Total weight 33,5 kg.
A configuration like this is an extreme rarity, as the shield was usually discarded, its weight hindering the movement of the operator. The signs of age and wear not withstanding this is a museum grade piece!
It was consigned by the great grandson of an Imperial Austrian soldier, who, as part of a Slovenian army unit, participated in 1917 under General Armando Diaz at the 12th battle of the Isonzo near Kobarid, where the Imperial Austrian army broke through the Italian defenses. The Austrians captured this machine gun from the Italians and turned it against them. When the war ended great grandpa took the gun home and stowed it away, using the shield as a support for a ground floor window. When he died, grandpa inherited the gun and had it registered, which enabled the current owner to legally have it passed down on him in succession.

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