Lot 2055

A flintlock shotgun, Johann Michael Limmer, Kronach, dated 1714

Fine Antique and Modern Firearms | A92s | Live auction | 103 Lots

Starting Price € 3,600



Round and smooth barrel in 16 mm calibre with silver front sight and iron rear sight. The barrel bar engraved "JOHANN MICHAEL LIMMER IN KRONACH 1714". Florally engraved flintlock with repeated signature on the lockplate. Florally carved walnut halfstock with horn nose and florally chiselled iron furniture. On the stock wrist a silver inlaid and engraved coat of arms of the von Bibra family. On the left side of the buttstock a seal imprint with a very similar coat of arms. Wooden ramrod with horn tip. Length 146 cm.

Condition: II - Questions about the lot?

General Information

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