Lot 2051

The Royal House of Hanover - a flintlock shotgun, Hovel in Celle, circa 1680

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The barrel in 16.5 mm calibre, octagonal at the breech, turning to round after chiselled girdles. The flintlock with a domed lock plate (the original signature "Hovel a Zell" almost completely worn away), pivotable frizzen and openworked lock side plate in the shape of a dragon, modestly engraved linear borders and chiselled cock. The modestly carved crossover stock with chiselled iron furniture and engraved thumb plate. Iron-capped wooden ramrod. The butt with old repairs, knocked, a crack in the forearm in the area of the ramrod holder. Length 155 cm.
This rifle was made for the armoury of Duke Georg I of Brunswick-Luenburg, who also reigned as King of England as of 1714.

Provenance: From the armoury of the Royal House of Hanover, sold to a private owner in 2000.

Condition: I - II Questions about the lot?

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