Lot 6261

Binoculars DF 7x50, C. Zeiss, Jena, watertight eyepieces, rain cover, case, Kriegsmarine, 1941

A Viennese Collection of Binoculars | A92f | Live auction | 324 Lots


SN 2188822. The left cover marked with Zeiss logo, the right one "D.F.7x50 / 2188822". Water proof eyepieces last pattern with smooth adjustment rings, the eye pieces fixed. The structured body coating in very good condition with only a few small blemishes, the original black paint with signs of wear. Desiccant cartridges. With the extremely rare leather rain cover with two white plastic discs marked "Benutzer:" and "Okulare / festgestellt. / Nicht / verdrehen" (tr. "Eye pieces fixed, don't turn"). Original leather strap. Weight 1 kg. Transparency 1-2, rarity 6.
Made in 11/1940, one of 1500.
With original black leather case with Carl Zeiss logo and a painted "7" on the lid. Belt loop and two lugs for shoulder belt (belt missing). Good condition.

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