Lot 6082

Two "Doppelfernrohre 74" 5x32, Galilean telescopes Mod. C91 by Goerz, Berlin: Imperial German Army, circa 1880/86

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1) SN 1375. The upper rigid bridge marked "Dienst Glas", the quick-draw device "U.F.1375 K 6.86", the lower end of the hinge acceptance mark, crown above "A". "U.F." stands for "NCO-Binoculars", "6.86" probably the year of make. Centre focus wheel smooth, with a crack. The extendable tubes painted black. Leather cover of lens shades gone.
2) SN 2408. The upper rigid bridge marked "1.R.Rkp Nr. 2048", below Crown above "HT". Centre focus wheel smooth. The original finish, leather cover and paint, very well preserved. Production in 1880.
Common to both telescopes: brass body. Contoured eye cups. Length 96 to 143 mm. Weight 450 g, transparency 1-, rarity 5.

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