Lot 6069

Double telescopes 10x, Merz, Munich, navy use, circa 1870

A Viennese Collection of Binoculars | A92f | Live auction | 324 Lots


No SN. The left eyepiece marked in script "G. & S. Merz / in München". Smooth diopter adjustment via a wheel operated centre rack-and-pinion focusing system. 11 lines, 16 cm focal length. Brass case. Extendable eyepieces and lens shades. The leather cover an unprofessional replacement. Tripod thread. Weight 1150 g. Transparency 2, rarity 7. Length from 25 to 41 cm.
Merz, formerly Utz Schneider & Fraunhofer, built such binoculars until about 1890. The much more compact build of Zeiss prism binoculars made them obsolete.

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