Lot 6067

Binoculars Septarem 7x50H, C. Zeiss, Jena, non-military binoculars, 1936

A Viennese Collection of Binoculars | A92f | Live auction | 324 Lots


SN 1699258. The left cover with the Zeiss Logo, the right one marked "Septarem/7x50 H". Early pattern with thin covers and lateral strap attachment. Central focusing via a single focus knob (difference to the Septar) and separate diopter adjustment on the right eye piece. The original finish almost entirely in an as new condition. Minor surface corrosion only on the lower bridge and a bit on the objective rings. Weight 896 g. Transparency 1, rarity 8. Production date March 1936.
The Septarem was built in extremely small quantities only and mostly exported. As such extremely rare, even more so in such outstanding condition.

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