Lot 6008

Two opera glasses, 3x and 8x, "Triëder Binocle", cased, Goerz, Berlin, circa 1915/20

A Viennese Collection of Binoculars | A92f | Live auction | 324 Lots


Both glasses marked "C.P. GOERZ / BERLIN" on the left cover. Smooth centre focus adjustment. Transparency 1-2, rarity 3.
1) SN 44172. The right cover marked "TRIËDER BINOCLE / D.R.Pat.", the upper hinge plate "3x". Diopter adjustment stuck, the right eye cup cracked, glued, a little chip missing. Underneath the original leatherette corrosion. A strap lug on the right barrel. Weight 160 g. With black leather case, a lateral tear.
2) SN 154196. The right cover marked "PAGOR / TRIËDER BINOCLE". Smooth diopter adjustment. The original finish with only minimal signs of age. Strap lugs screwed on. Leather strap. Weight 300 g. With orig. black leather case with purple velvet lining.

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