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A Viking silver Thor's hammer embellished with filigree, 10th century

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Hollow-wrought silver pendant with fully sculptured upper part and base plate soldered at the edges. A barrel-shaped eyelet pierced on the side at the top, below which the diamond-shaped hammer head on a trapezoidal shaft. The entire surface richly decorated with filigree and granulation. On top of the eyelet rows of wire curls, below a stylised face. Spirals of filigree interspersed with granulation on the shaft and hammer head. Wire curls all over the sides, interspersed by globules. Traces of cleaning. Minimal incrustations and traces of oxidation in the grooves. The smooth back slightly dented with scratches and fine cracks, the decorated front in excellent condition. Length 3.5 cm. Height 0.7 cm. Weight 3.62 g.
Attractive and finely worked example of a Thor's hammer. Testimony to the pagan reaction to the increasing Christianisation of the north.

Provenance: Southern German private collection.

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