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A pair of silver Viking stirrups with interlaced band and decorated with stylised animals, 9th century

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Post-auction sale

Post-auction sale


Rectangular strap loop connected to the high stirrups by a short bar. The solid and thick stirrups flattened just before the tread and extended to a rectangle as wide as the tread. The curved tread made of a solid band firmly forged to the sides of the stirrups. On the underside of the tread two thick soldered wires twisted against each other. Front and back of the strap loop and stirrups decorated with a simple interlaced band. The lower end of the stirrups decorated on the sides with an animal head in relief on a medallion. Below that, the flattened ends swinging out to form a rectangle, the entire surface decorated with four different, complex animal depictions in Borre style. The animals twisted and entangled in an intricate interplay of bodies.One stirrup with a break. Otherwise intact. Height 27 cm and 28 cm. Width 15 cm and 16 cm.
Impressive, richly decorated stirrups that are particularly fascinating with regard to the different and varied animal images in Borre style.

Provenance: Southern German private collection.

Condition: II + Questions about the lot?

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