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A pair of deluxe chiselled flintlock pistols, Cunet, Lyon, circa 1660

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Post-auction sale

Post-auction sale


The round, double-stepped, Italian export barrels with reinforced muzzles. Smooth bore in 14.5 mm calibre. Fine decorative fluting at the breeches, struck with the inscription "Lazari Cominaz". The exquisite flintlocks with delicately engraved décor. A standing female figure on the lock plates, holding a banner signed "Cunet à Lion" in her hands. The cocks, frizzens and springs with finely chiselled embellishments. Iron suspension bars screwed onto the side opposite the lock, the bases intricately engraved. The full stocks in finely grained walnut, with chiselled and engraved iron furnitures. The engraved iron pommels tapering into fully sculptured, chiselled mascarons. The original wooden ramrods with horn tips. Length 47.5 cm.
Claude Cunet is known to have been a gunsmith in Lyons in 1651. The early flintlock pistols wrought with exceptional workmanship, featuring outstanding chiselling.

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