Lot 2072

A distinguished, deluxe double-barrelled flintlock shotgun with box lock by Gauvain à Angres, dated 1800

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Two-stage, smooth bore barrels, octagonal, then round, in 14.5 mm calibre. Original bluing, the root of the barrel, the muzzle and midrib with heavy fire gilding. The finely engraved signature "Gauvain Pere & Fils, Inv & Fec. - Arquebusiers à Angers, An. 1800" at the breech. The barrel maker's mark "E. Durand Tordu" struck on the underside. Box lock with frizzens mounted on top, in front of which decorative tendrils in relief. The pans on rollers with a lateral safety lever. The cocks with delicately chiselled dolphin motifs. Chased acanthus ornaments on the trigger guard, which can be moved backwards using the wooden hand rest to select the cock. Lavishly embellished walnut butt. The hand rest with fine chequering and set with diamond-studded iron nails, the whole extending into a fully sculptured, carved wild boar's head. The butt decorated on both sides with finely engraved silver inlays amidst curled silver shavings. Depiction of hunters shooting at a variety of game. The cheek piece on both sides with gilt bronze appliqués in the shape of dolphins. Lightly chiselled iron butt cap. Inset wooden ramrod with iron tip and screw thread base. Length 123.5 cm.

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