Lot 2042

A pair of southern German wheellock rifles with bone veneer, circa 1680

Fine Antique and Modern Firearms | A92s | Live auction | 964 Lots


Fine octagonal barrels, slightly swamped, rifled with six grooves, calibre 10 mm. Dovetailed sights with finely engraved and openwork rear sights. The tangs numbered "1" and "2", respectively. Locks with semi-internal wheels. The lock plates with delicately etched depiction of the seated goddess Diana with two hunting dogs, on the wheel housing two Tritons. The cocks decorated with erotic scenes. Adjustable set triggers. Walnut full stocks with rich inlays of engraved and blackened bone depicting various hunting scenes and game. Oval plaque with image of Fortuna in front of each trigger guard. Butts with patch boxes. Butt plates of light-coloured horn. Wooden ramrods with bone tips. The later varnish on the stocks partly scratched, minor replacements on the forestocks in the area of the barrel pins. One ramrod with well-replaced ramrod front pipe. Length of each 104 cm.

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