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A Ransom REO Speed Wagon "Firetruck", Midway Fire Company, Enola, 1937

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Post-auction sale

Post-auction sale


A firetruck by the REO Motor Company/Lansing, Michigan, USA. Built in the 1930s, Type: REO 1.5-2.5 ton Speed Wagon, vehicle type: truck, length ca 6.4 m (252 inches), version: body with 166 inch wheelbase (4.22 m), Model ID4, engine: Gold Crown 6 cylinder series. Several purchased accessories (including original parts). The truck came to Germany in December 1989 and was used to decorate the entrance of a restaurant; it was then stored in a garage. Please note: The vehicle is NOT roadworthy and a restoration project with good basic substance. Pre-inspection in Munich after appointment.

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