Lot 3095

Empress Elisabeth of Austria – a carriage lamp from a landaulet, circa 1870/80

Orders and Military Collectibles until 1918 | A92m | Live auction | 349 Lots


Brass, partially blackened, brass-plated copper and glass. The body of the lamp of slightly rectangular cross-section, with glass panels inset on two sides, both with prism cut around the edges and the Empress' crown finely chiselled in the centre. The other inner surfaces and the candle holder fitted with reflectors, the outer surfaces blackened, one of which can be unfolded. Surmounted by a mushroom-shaped hood of partially blackened brass with exhaust vents for the combustion gases. The long shaft made of brass-plated copper (rubbed). Overall height circa 62 cm.
Cf. the very similar carriage lamps on the travelling landaulet used by Empress Elisabeth after 1885 in the exhibition at the Imperial Carriage Museum in Vienna, which also feature chiselled crowns in the glass, but are additionally surmounted by a crown above the exhaust hood.

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