Lot 1220

A Scandinavian Viking sword with "INGELRII" blade, 10th century

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The broad blade with shallow fullers on both sides, a small corrosion perforation in the lower quarter. The inscription on one side, originally inlaid in iron, reads "INGELRII". Geometrical ornamentation on the opposite side. The iron quillons angled slightly toward the blade, the surface still bearing remnants of the original lavish bronze inlays punched with concentric circles. Slightly tapered tang, the pommel forged in two pieces with remnants of bronze inlays and concentric circles. Length 91.5 cm.
Nowadays, the blade inscription "INGELRII" is regarded as a mark of quality or the signature of a bladesmith. Today, approximately 20 of the group of "INGELRII" swords are known to be part of international collections. They are closely related to the group of "ULFBERTH" blades.

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