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A French writing set and cutlery, 18th - 19th century

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Post-auction sale

Post-auction sale


Two-piece hunting set consisting of a knife and a two-pronged fork with bone handles. The blade marked "UL / St. Honoré No. 84". With traces of age. Length 17.5 cm and 15.5 cm. In a fine ray-skin case. Length of the case 20.5 cm. With enclosed collector's label: "French hunting cutlery, 17th century. With fish-skin case. From the armoury of St. Honoré, Pairs. Probably French sword sweeper Simonin (Waffenkunde Demmin). a.d. Slg. Oberst Meyer, Luzern" (trans.).
Together with an old wooden case with leg handle, writing utensils and small ruler. Intact. Length of case 29.5 cm.

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